David Ortiz sprayed some champagne, and Keith Hernandez ducked out of the way.

Players spraying champagne after a MLB postseason series win has become pretty standard, but it’s a bit more unusual to see players-turned-analysts spraying champagne on a studio set. That’s what David Ortiz did after the Houston Astros’ win in Game Seven of the American League Championship Series Saturday, though, spraying champagne around the MLB on Fox set and causing host Kevin Burkhardt and fellow analysts Alex Rodriguez, Keith Hernandez and Frank Thomas to quickly retreat:

You have to love Hernandez wandering back over after the spray ends, setting the bottle back upright and taking a swig. And the slow-motion replay is also gold, especially for the expression on Hernandez’s face. The MLB on Fox cast has been praised for their lighter approach and their chemistry, even in the wake of personnel changes this year (with Ortiz and Hernandez replacing Pete Rose), and this was another example of that.

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