Derek Jeter at Dolphins Game

His tenure is still young, but Derek Jeter is a bad baseball executive, to put it bluntly. After botching the Giancarlo Stanton trade, Jeter skipped the Winter Meetings, where he was responsibly for explaining the blockbuster deal, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.

Surely Jeter, known as a stand-up, honorable guy who always said and did “the right thing” during his playing career in New York, had a good excuse for his absence.

Nooope. He just had tickets for the “Monday Night Football” game between the Dolphins and the Patriots in Miami.

The start of Jeter’s tenure carries a vibe similar to Phil Jackson’s stint as Knicks president, except Jeter, who started in August, doesn’t have Jackson’s 13 championship rings to back up ridiculous decisions. Even so, we know that Jackson’s time in New York ended in embarrassing fashion.

On top of Monday’s debacle, Jeter has already fired several front office employees (gutlessly asking outgoing president David Samson to do the firing for him). He also fired a scout who was in the hospital recovering from colon cancer surgery. Blowing up the roster won’t endear him to Marlins fans, either.

After being traded, Stanton referred to time his time in Miami as “unprofessional” and a “circus.” And while most of that was probably directed at former owner Jeffrey Loria, it’s reasonable to think he doesn’t harbor any good feelings for Jeter’s operation, considering Jeter threatened to keep him in Miami if he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause for a deal with St. Louis or San Francisco.

It’s been one bad decision after another for Jeter, and he has come off as a jerk every step of the way.

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