It’s been 16 years since Randy Johnson nailed a bird with a fastball in a spring training game. Seeing those feathers fly in the infield is one of the most infamous images in sports. And we almost had a replay in Arizona on Monday night.

Well… sort of.

Watch as Dinelson Lamet lays down a bunt for the Padres as they’re visiting the Diamondbacks. As the ball rolls down the first base line, it almost hits a bird who is just chilling in the infield grass. D’Backs first basemen Paul Goldschmidt comes over to field the ball just milliseconds before it smashes the bird, not only saving a life but also recording an out in the process.

Now Goldschmidt will be forever linked with Pedro Cerrano. At least Goldschmidt was wise enough to keep his wits about him and get the force out at second base instead of getting tagged out in centerfield.