The Arizona Diamondbacks may finally be pushing their ballpark food fortune too far.

After adding several interesting ballpark food items last year, the Diamondbacks have revealed some new (crazy) options that will be available for the 2017 season at Chase Field.

The new Churro Dog 2.0 is building off the 2015-debuted hit, and the Bacon-Wrapped Pretzel Baguette at least resembles a kind-of-normal sandwich.

Unfortunately, the new Chicken Enchilada Dog doesn’t sound particularly appetizing. And a price tag of $25 will make it not even worth the novelty to many in attendance at Chase Field.

Yup, that’s an 18-inch sausage with cheese, pico de gallo, olives, sour cream, sauce, and tortilla strips all stuffed into a hot dog bun.

Diamondbacks chef Stephen Tilder explained the new ballpark food during Saturday’s broadcast of Arizona’s Spring Training game against the Netherlands. He said the chicken enchilada dog weighs two pounds and is meant to be shared between three and four people. That sounds fine in theory, but practically that just means multiple people will wind up miserable.

Even the pictures make the new dish look more like a millipede stuck on its back than a novelty hot dog:

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