As the MLB playoffs start, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty, the sports best are playing and fighting to win the World Series. That is why some of the most important news of the day involved urine. Wait, what? If you are Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill, you’ll apparently try anything.

Hill battled blisters almost all of July and August, sidelining a pitcher for a couple of months can sometimes be a death sentence as they are creatures of habit. He admitted he was willing to try anything so he did what Moises Alou famously did, he peed on his hands.

Hill had a nonchalant stance when talking to USA Today about this time honored urine tradition.

“You pee on it,” Hill said Thursday at Nationals Park. “You might as well try it, right? I was desperate to do anything at that time. I wanted to super glue it back…. It’s a cloud, because when the blister happened, I was so frustrated.”

This wasn’t the only home remedy he tried, he also took advice from Sandy Scully, wife of legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully. She suggested the NLDS Game 2 starter put his hand in vinegar.

Hill was willing to try anything and everything to make sure the blisters would heal. Now that he is back in the starting rotation, players should keep at least a ten foot perimeter around him. No telling where those hands have been.


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