A tackle at Dodger Stadium. A tackle at Dodger Stadium. (@sxr_704 on Twitter.)

Many stadium proposals don’t go well. But even by those standards, one at Dodger Stadium during the Los Angeles Dodgers’ MLB opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks Thursday night went exceptionally poorly. A man jumped out of the outfield seats onto the field, pulled out a ring, turned back to the stands to propose…and then got absolutely run over by a security guard.

Let’s get another angle on that:

Unsurprisingly, the sports world had plenty of thoughts on this. Some praised the guard’s tackling form, and had thoughts on where he might go in the NFL draft:

Others brought up the 2016 Gwyneth Paltrow ski collision that was under trial this week (Paltrow was found not liable Friday):

And the decision to play DMX’s “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” in the stadium at the end of the clip got some praise as well:

Others were of the opinion that this was a perfect way to handle an on-field proposal:

In any case, the tackle certainly made for a memorable ending to this proposal. At least this guy had the ring ready when he started the proposal, unlike some ballpark proposals we’ve seen in the past. Still, if you want to not be tackled while proposing, maybe don’t try to make that proposal on the field, unless you’re a player involved in the game.

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