One of the first names called in the 2022 MLB Draft will almost certainly be Druw Jones. If any questions lingered about why he’s so highly regarded, there shouldn’t be anymore.

In March, a video of Jones belting a home run while “overrated” chants were hurled at him went viral. But that’s one moment. What did his entire season look like? As it turns out, pretty good.

Jones posted his season numbers on Wednesday — and they are staggering.

Those numbers generated a lot of attention from baseball fans.

Jones is the son of former Andruw Jones, who was a five-time All-Star with the Atlanta Braves and played later for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. The elder Jones is also one of the greatest defensive outfielders of all time, winning 10 Gold Gloves in his career.

His son showed off some of that magic, as well, during the season.

Jones is signed to go to Vanderbilt. But before the high school baseball season began, ranked him as the No. 1 eligible prospect for the 2022 Draft. The numbers he amassed this season certainly won’t hurt that cause.

The Baltimore Orioles will pick first in the 2022 Draft, with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals rounding out the top-five.

[Druw Jones]

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