Stadiums and arenas are multi-purpose buildings and host more than sports events. Stadiums try to maximize their revenue by scheduling events when the team is playing elsewhere or has off.

This can be tricky come playoff time because you can’t tell whether or not your team will play at that time. On one hand, you lose out on thousands in revenue by having to keep your dates open and on the other, if you fill those dates with something else, you risk an embarrassing situation of valuing something above the team who regularly plays there.

This is where we get to Ed Sheeran. Sheeran announced his North America portion of his 2018 tour that includes a stop at Milwaukee’s Miller Park on October 23. That could bring about an awkward conflict because that is also the same day as Game 1 of the World Series.

The Brewers aren’t a favorite to reach the World Series but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t get there. Most people didn’t think the Houston Astros were going to be in the World Series this time last year and they won the thing so it’s still possible.

Usually in situations like these, teams have contingency plans in place in case there is a conflict. More than likely, if worse comes to worse and the Brewers actually make the World Series, Sheeran’s concert would be postponed or canceled and the World Series would be unaffected. Ed Sheeran may be a world renowned singer but even he isn’t above the World Series.

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1 thought on “Ed Sheeran may cause problems for the Milwaukee Brewers this season

  1. This has almost 0 impact on the Brewers. First are they even the favorites to win the N.L. Central? second they would not be much of a favorite to win the entire N.L. over the Cubs, Nats, and Dodgers. and third even if they did win the N.L. the team with the best record now host the W.S. that will be an A.L. team either the Yankees or Astros. So this will not be an issues for the Brewers. Way to Miller Park you just booked a great event and will not impact anything.

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