Aaron Judge hits home run No. 61 in the New York Yankees' game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Never underestimate the power of Twitter to hammer a point home with emphasis, and plenty of humor.

Tuesday, the point of emphasis was simple: Many fans are tired of ESPN cutting into college football games with updates as Aaron Judge chases home run No. 62. People have been sharing their frustration for more than a week since the network began cutting into games to show the New York Yankees slugger chasing Roger Maris’ AL record of 61 homers.

Still, the criticism hasn’t deterred ESPN from breaking into games whenever Judge steps to the plate. Tuesday, fans turned to memes to get their point across, mixing together great college and NFL moments, interrupted at the worst possible time by a Judge update.

“Aaron Rodgers about to launch a Hail Mary with no time left but Judge is sitting on 61 homers,” tweeted one user.


“Texas wins the national championship but Aaron Judge is chasing 62 home runs,” read another Tweet, showing the classic 2006 Texas-USC national championship game interrupted by a Judge cut-in.

Fans aren’t the only ones who are a little weary of seeing Judge interrupt football. ESPN football announcer Sean McDonough, on the mike for the Ole Miss-Kentucky game last Saturday, sarcastically said, “Oh, what a shame,” when informed the Yankees were going into a rain delay.

Judge hit home run No. 61 last Wednesday to tie Maris. Stay tuned to ESPN for updates — and live cut-ins — as he chases history.

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