Francisco Lindor committing an error against the Yankees.

Francisco Lindor went from hero to goat very quickly for the Cleveland Indians in Saturday’s game against the New York Yankees. In the top of the fifth, he hit a 419-foot solo home run off Sonny Gray to put the Indians up 1-0 (only two days after homering from both sides of the plate against the Toronto Blue Jays), but in the bottom of the fifth, he turned what looked like a potential double play into a double error. The bases were loaded with one out when pitcher Trevor Bauer walked in the game-tying run. Then, a ground ball to Lindor at short turned into a disaster instead of an inning-ending double play, as he first muffed the pickup and then muffed the throw to third, allowing two runs to score.

Ouch. That gave the Yankees a lead they’d never relinquish, as they went on to win 5-2. And it marked another setback for the Indians, who fell to 17-16 with the loss. Meanwhile, the Yankees improved to 23-10 and closed the gap on the Red Sox to half a game. But they had a little help along the way thanks to Lindor’s double error here.

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