francisco lindor

Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor is known for his brilliant defense, his surprising power, his exuberant persona, his wide smile and —to some extent, at least — his hair, which he typically leaves long and dyes blond on top.

Which made it all the more jarring to see Lindor buzzing his head in a video he posted to his social-media accounts Thursday night.

According to the Daily Commercial in central Florida, Lindor made a bet with baseball players at his alma mater Monteverde Academy that if their team went undefeated on the season, he would shave his head. They pulled off the feat, finishing 25-0. So there he was Thursday, surprising students at a school assembly and letting students hack at his hair.

As this longer video from the Daily Commerical shows, the students did not do the greatest job with the cut.


Lindor seems to have rushed right from that auditorium to a professional barber, because his cut looked more than a bit cleaner in a photo he posted to Instagram.

Lindor is going to look different for a little while, but have no fear: His hair will grow back, and we have a feeling the blond coloring will eventually return with it.

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