Fred McGriff

It was announced on Sunday that Fred McGriff will be enshrined in Baseball’s Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2023. He was the only player voted in on the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Ballot and was selected unanimously. And for a lot of baseball fans, that news brought back memories of an old commercial.

For fans of a certain age, “Fred McGriff and Tom Emanski” go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s nearly impossible to think of one without immediately going to the other. This is from an old commercial for Baseball World’s Defensive Drills video, which featured Emanski, then a scout. The commercial famously included McGriff, pointing at the camera and saying.

If you’re a sports fan in the age group spanning younger Generation X members and older millennials, there’s no way that you didn’t see that commercial at least a dozen times a week growing up. And while McGriff hasn’t been an active baseball player for 18 years, that commercial resonated with a lot of people of that age.

Because after McGriff was announced as the Hall of Fame’s newest member, Tom Emanski was a popular name on Twitter.

Even McGriff got in on the fun.

If McGriff can’t go in with that blue hat and/or be inducted by Emanksi, we can only hope that he finishes his speech by holding the video up with one hand and with the other, pointing at the camera, saying “this is the instructional video that gets results.”

[Photo Credit: Ryan Van Dusen on YouTube]

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