What was an emotional return to Atlanta for Freddie Freeman ended with him firing his agent. And that was apparently not a coincidence.

Fox Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb reported on Wednesday that Casey Close, Freeman’s now-former agent, never told him of the offer made by the Atlanta Braves, knowing that Freeman would return. Freeman did not know of this until his new team — the Los Angeles Dodgers — went to Atlanta. Once Freeman found that out, he fired Close.

Baseball fans blasted Close for reportedly not negotiating with his clients’ wishes in mind.

If Gottlieb’s report is true, it’s terrible on Close’s end. Agents have to keep the best interests of their clients in mind. It’s one thing to try to steer the client towards the biggest deal. But to not even inform him of any other offers is unconscionable.

So, is that what happened?

The timing is impossible to ignore. Freeman signed his deal with the Dodgers in March. For more than three months, there didn’t seem to be an issue. Then, within days of his first trip to Atlanta as a visiting player, he fires the agent.

That said, there also has to be more to this story. Because there’s one elephant in the room that was not addressed.

The Braves traded for Matt Olson — Freeman’s replacement — on March 14 and signed him to a long contract extension the following day. Reports came in that Freeman was signing with Los Angeles late at night on March 16. There are explanations. It’s obviously possible (and even likely) that the Braves got some indication from Freeman’s camp that he was not interested and moved on to replace him. But the timing of events doesn’t exactly line up.

Freeman did not comment on Gottlieb’s report. But chances are, there’s more to this story that will later be revealed.

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