Jun 25, 2022; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman (5) in the on deck circle against the Atlanta Braves in the first inning at Truist Park. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After he was visibly emotional in his return to Atlanta, there was a natural question to ask. Why did Freddie Freeman leave the Atlanta Braves to begin with? Some activity on Tuesday shed some light on that matter.

Buster Olney of ESPN reported on Tuesday that Freeman is changing his representation while Jon Heyman of the New York Post added that Freeman “has requested not to be contacted by any Agents.”

The MLB world had a big reaction to this news.

While team contract negotiations aren’t the only thing that agents handle, they are the big one. Freeman is in the first year of a six-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. So, it’s not as though he’ll be looking for a new contract any time soon. This feels kind of like firing a general manager right after the draft or trade deadline.

Also, both Freeman and the Braves have been successful since the split.

Freeman is excelling in Los Angeles. He’s hitting .304/.388/.488 with eight home runs for Los Angeles.

The Braves replaced Freeman at first base by trading for Matt Olson and signed Olson to a huge extension. He isn’t doing quite as well as Freeman. But Olson is hitting .249/.349/.459 with 10 home runs. So, he’s not exactly struggling in a huge way. He’s also from Georgia and is five years younger than Freeman.

The timing of this is interesting, to say the least. If this isn’t directly related to his first series in Atlanta as an opponent, it’s one heck of a coincidence.

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