In the last decade or so, it’s been tough for Houston Astros fans to get attached to players on their team. As Houston entered a rebuild, their best players were dealt away for younger prospects and years of dark times followed.

But now, the Astros are a contender in the American League, one of the most exciting teams in baseball. They’re also loaded with young, talented players, and have too many players for some positions. They’re also facing a logjam in the outfield, and the possibility of a future trade to bolster the rotation remains.

A young Astros fan named Will sent Houston GM Jeff Luhnow a letter asking him not to trade George Springer, and the reasons given by Will for not trading him are quite compelling.

Those three reasons:

1. He’s my favorite player.

2. I get my hair cut like his.

3. He is a team player.

Pretty strong logic, Will.

There’s also the fact that Springer is just 27, won’t be a free agent until after the 2020 season, and is coming off a season in which he hit .261/.359/.457 with 29 home runs and nine stolen bases.

I think Will can rest easy for the next few years. I highly doubt Springer is going anywhere.

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