Well, at this point, Giancarlo Stanton’s home run pace makes him look like a future Avenger more than anything. Having homered in five straight games, he took the field Tuesday evening against the hapless San Francisco Giants, and waited all of 2+ innings to continue the streak.

Here’s the bomb:

Good lord. 44 in the middle of August is roughly a 60-homer pace, which is a barrier we haven’t crossed since the Bonds era. (Ryan Howard’s 58 also seems like so very long ago.)

Stanton has another game against the Giants tomorrow to keep the streak going. If you’re curious, the record is 8, shared by Ken Griffey Jr. and Don Mattingly. Only two men have ever gotten to seven: Jim Thome and Kevin Mench, who if I recall correctly, was a player made up of 90% head and helmet.

To add to the drama, Stanton recently cleared waivers, meaning he could be dealt in August should a team decide that they’d enjoy employing someone genetically predisposed to destroying baseballs and the wills of opposing pitchers.