Marlins home run sculpture

In this polarized age, the Miami Marlins’ excessively-garnished home run sculpture in left-center field has divided baseball fans ever since it went up with the new stadium in 2012.

Incoming owner Derek Jeter appears to fall in the “it’s ugly and stupid camp,” as he reportedly wants to have the sculpture removed when he takes over the team. But Miami-Dade County wants him to know that won’t happen, even though Miami’s mayor agrees it’s hideous.

The sculpture, like the entire stadium, technically belongs to the county. And the office that supervisors public art won’t let a piece the $2.5 million piece get thrown away.

Here’s what the government official in charge told the Miami Herald:

“The County commissioned and purchased the Home Run Sculpture with the public art funds generated by the ballpark project,” Michael Spring, head of the county’s cultural affairs arm, said in an email Thursday. It “was designed specifically for this project and location and is permanently installed. It is not movable.”

Meanwhile, we’ll have to see if Jeter continues with departing owner Jeffrey Loria’s plan to build a statue honoring late pitcher Jose Fernandez at the stadium.

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