Greg Maddux has an almost impeccable reputation amongst fans and media, but some of his former teammates might not share in the same effervescent praise. It turns out the Hall of Fame pitcher was a devious, if not outright disgusting, clubhouse prankster.

This is not the first time Maddux’s affinity for odious locker room pranks has come to light either. The crafty right-hander used to ram other players’ rental cars until the bumper fell off, pee on rookies in the shower, hawk loogies on teammate’s prized possessions, and just be a nuisance in general.

All this begs the question if Maddux even understands what a prank is. It is one thing to hoodwink a teammate with a fake trade to Japan or put them in an awkward situation, but what Maddux often did was just gross behavior. It is unclear if anyone but Maddux even thought his antics were humorous.

If fans and opposing players knew the costs that came from spending a season with Maddux, they might not have been so eager for him to play on their team — no matter how good he was. As it turns out, the stories we have are only the ones fit to print. There are plenty of heinous Maddux pranks that will forever stay off the record.

Greg Maddux: Great pitcher, gross guy.

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