Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo logo is theoretically going away, although not until next year, because when you’re agreeing that something is offensive what you want to do is wait as long as possible to change things.

(That Cleveland wanted the 2019 All-Star Game is a big part of why they even agreed to do it to begin with.)

As per usual, some Native American protesters were stationed outside Progressive Field, the irony of the building’s name never more apparent. And as this video shows, those protesters aren’t being supported by everyone. Behold, some assholes:

(NSFW language, if that’s a concern.)


Honestly, it’s incredibly difficult for me to comprehend the sort of person who would behave this way. These are people who do things like feed themselves, somehow, and yet think they’re the reasonable party while mocking Native Americans (or any minority/oppressed group), right in public. All because you’ve somehow wrapped up a significant part of your existence with a professional sports franchise, to the point that just removing a logo is enough to bring out your racism.

What a fucking joke.

MLB should do the right thing (lol) and force Cleveland to change not just the logo but the team name, and threaten to move the team if not. It’s not an overreaction, and ownership is clearly not going to do anything on their own.

In fifty years, a 15-year-old Cleveland fan is going to be shocked that this was allowed to happen as long as it has. Unless their grandparents were in that video, that is.

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