The Chicago Cubs were coming off a 78-84 season when the high school Class of 1993 was starting their final school year before heading to college. Despite a third straight losing season, the seventh in eight years for the Cubbies, one high school senior from Mission Viejo High School predicted the Cubs would win a World Series in 2016 in his senior yearbook photo quote.

The Cubs open up the World Series tonight in Cleveland. It is the first time the Cubs have played in the Fall Classic since 1945. Few could have seen this coming before this season, let alone in 1993. But not Michael Lee. He called the Cubs winning the World Series this year 23 years ago. To think, the Cubs had only been without an NL pennant for just 48 years at the time. Either Lee is a joker, took a random shot in the dark, or is a modern-day Nostradamus.

Now, we know what you are thinking – this is a hoax, like all the times we were told today was the day Marty McFly traveled into the future and learned the Cubs won the World Series (in 2015). The skeptics were out in full force in the Reddit thread bringing this yearbook prediction to light, but multiple accounts have suggested this yearbook quote is legitimate. One defender even went so far as to share a photo of the yearbook in question, thus verifying the prediction was in fact printed.

Michael Lee 1993 Yearbook – Entire page

Well, how about that?

The world needs to hear from Michael Lee now. Where is he? Who is he? Does he play the lottery? Have any stock tips? Expect his face to be making the media rounds soon enough as this story continues to spread. you know it’s coming once the morning talk shows catch wind of this one.

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