Hunter Renfroe Hunter Renfroe took a bad first step and angle on a ball that would have been a tough play anyway. Amazingly, he still caught it.

During Thursday night’s season opener against the Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Angels right fielder Hunter Renfroe made one of the greatest catches in recent memory.

Oakland’s Jace Peterson led the bottom of the fifth inning off with a line drive to right field. It would have been a tough play for Renfroe had he made a great first step on the ball and taken a great angle. He did neither. So, it seemed like an extra-base hit for Peterson.

But at the last second, Renfroe stuck his left arm out and hauled the ball in.

His teammate, pitcher Shohei Ohtani was amazed at the catch.

He was not the only one.

The Angels had a hilarious blooper earlier in the game. Baseball fans had a lot of fun with that play. But turnabout is fair play and they also had a lot to say about Renfroe’s incredible catch.

Right now, we can confidently say Renfroe’s is the catch of the year. Of course, the season is still early. But don’t be surprised if that catch is still the best of the year when we’re looking back on the season that was in October.

At the very least, if someone is going to make a better catch this season, they’ll really have to earn it.

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports California]

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