Fenway Park fan on field Photo: @JPagkalina1

Friday night at Fenway Park got a bit silly as a fan ran out onto the field during the Texas RangersBoston Red Sox game.

The fan, who was more than likely drunk and/or stupid, ran shirtless from the outfield toward the infield. The fan was able to evade the first security guard but a second security person drove him into the ground right around second base.

The TV broadcast doesn’t usually show fans running onto the field of a sporting event in order to not encourage the behavior. Meanwhile, there were plenty of videos and reactions on what happened.

Anyway, you caught it from all angles. Some referred to the person as a “streaker” which I’m not sure wearing shorts should count as streaking but whatever.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any danger but still, it’s not something anybody should be doing. Even if it got people talking and provided us some content.

[Photo: @JPagkalina1]

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