Hoo boy, we have an unbelievably awful call coming from *multiple* umpires on one play during a baseball game between Diablos Rojos del México and Algodoneros de Unión Laguna in the Mexican League.

The brutal blown call took place on a pitch from México’s Reinier Roibal with an 0-1 count. First of all, the pitch looked like a pretty obvious strike, but we know obvious blown ball/strike calls happen at every level of baseball. So, that happens and will always happen.

The far, far bigger thing here is that THE BATTER SWUNG AND MISSED at the pitch. Not a debatable check swing. A *full* swing, granted a fooled, ugly one.

Well, the home plate umpire somehow didn’t notice the swing, and the stunned catcher naturally told the umpire to ask the first base umpire. And the first base umpire also said the batter didn’t swing!

The blown call was so bad that the Mexican League has even suspended both umpires for the rest of the season (via MiLB.Com):

The Mexican Baseball League informs that the umpires Ulises Domínguez Solís and Rodolfo Pastrana Tejeda, as of today, are discharged from the quatrain in which they played, Derived from low performance and a serious flaw in his work as judges of the first game of the series Algodoneros de Union Laguna against Diablos Rojos del México, held on July 17 at the Estadio Fray Nano.

Both umpires will be suspended immediately for the rest of the 2018 season of their work as judges of LMB. In addition, umpires Manuel Carrillo and Armando Silvas, who complemented the quatrain for that meeting, receive a warning from the League, due to not calling a consultation to revoke the decision of their peers.

Usually you wouldn’t be so harsh for a missed call, but punishment was probably necessary for how awful this one was.


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