The Atlanta Braves is out about $1,000 last night as Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Baez tried a quick throw to first base to complete a double play. Instead, Baez’s sidearm throw went wildly off target and into the Braves dugout, meeting the expensive tablet and knocking it over.

It’s technically unclear whether that is an iPad or some other tablet but for the sake of the story, let’s consider it as an iPad. That looked pretty big so it could be an iPad Pro, which retails for $799 for the cheapest 12 inch model.

I had a similar scary feeling a couple years ago. I was covering a soccer game and a ball fired into the sideline media section and hit my MacBook. The screen went into many different colors and I had what could have been five of the scariest minutes of my life. I rebooted and my Mac worked again so all was good and I found out that a MacBook Pro can surprisingly take a hard hit.

But for this iPad, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as lucky. Very likely the Braves have a sponsor that funds their tablets so hopefully it gets easily replaced. But let this be a reminder that electronics aren’t safe at field level of sporting events.

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