There are a few umpires around Major League Baseball who always have a way of getting involved in the game in a way nobody wants to see. On Tuesday night in Atlanta, CB Bucknor was at it once again with his signature lack of consistency behind the plate calling balls and strikes. After picking up a 3-1 lead, Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals had to be held back while giving Bucknor a piece of his mind.

That is because the Nationals appeared to have won the ballgame, only to be called back to the dugout and to the field to continue playing by Bucknor. Bucknor kept an at-bat by Chase d’arnaud alive after calling this a foul ball.


Werth later sounded off in the clubhouse with reporters.

Werth wasn’t the only one looking to sound off about Bucknor. Ray Knight went to town in the Nationals postgame studio show too.

What exactly seemed to be the problem on Tuesday night? Aside from the bizarre ending to the game, it was an inability to maintain a consistent strike zone, thus causing a rash of confusion between pitchers, catchers and batters all night…

The reactions from Werth and Knight are heard on a regular basis around the majors, from city to city. How Bucknor remains employed is a testament to either how bad the umpiring depth is in this country or just how good the umpire union is at protecting their own from losing a job.

Every sport has bad officials we expect to uphold order within the game, but every sport also has guys like CB Bucknor who continue to be known for all the wrong reasons. If there is any good to come from CB Bucknor, it may be his ability to brings fans of all teams together.

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