The 2022 MLB season is barely underway, but Los Angeles Angels left fielder Jo Adell already has the season’s worst throw — and it will be hard to top.

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman came up with two outs and Michael Brantley on second base. Bregman lined a single to left field. While a hard hit ball gave Adell a chance to throw Brantley out, Brantley runs well and had a two-out jump. So, throwing him out was going to take a near-perfect throw.

Oh, my. That was not a near-perfect throw. It might have been more unique than a perfect throw, though. We don’t often see a throw home from left field being fielded by the first baseman.

And the MLB world had plenty of jokes about this one.

It really might have been the worst throw we’ve seen since Bryce Harper attempted to throw his helmet at Hunter Strickland.

Fortunately, this throw wasn’t followed by a massive brawl.

We have some more good news for Adell. First of all, he made a lot of people laugh. That’s always a good thing.

But more importantly, throwing Brantley out was realistically never happening. Furthermore, Bregman didn’t advance to second on the errant throw. Finally, the Angels didn’t allow another run to score that inning. So, not only was his bad throw a source of humor, but it didn’t really cost him anything.

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