You ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong and you feel like you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed? I imagine we’ve all had some of those days this past month but LA Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly sure had himself one of them.

Recorded by his wife Ashley and posted on her Instagram account, Joe was spending his quarantine life at home practicing his pitching. With not much else to do and it’s unknown when exactly the season will start, it’s smart to keep in shape and for a pitcher to remain sharp.

Kelly had set up a rather large target in front of his house where he could throw and not damage anything. It’s not exactly the broad side of a barn, but it’s pretty big. Kelly was practicing his changeup and slightly missed, and suddenly got that sinking feeling a bunch of us have experienced when we royally mess up.

Yes, Joe missed the cube and hit the window right beside in a rather expensive training session. Ashley went inside to inspect the damage, and you can see the window shattered and a bunch of broken glass on the bed.

Seems like this will be something they’ll look back on and laugh about…someday. At least there seems to be some time before the season starts so Kelly will have plenty of chances to zero-in on his changeup.

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