This Duracell ad provoked entertaining John Smoltz comments.

Announcers commenting on or interacting with ads or other promotional content has provided plenty of interesting moments over the years, such as all the times Joe Buck has tried to promote Fox shows during the last 21 years of the World Series. Buck and color commentator John Smoltz were again part of a notable one during Wednesday’s World Series Game 7. Fox has been running lots of six-second ads during the MLB playoffs and World Series (and is soon set to run them on the NFL on Fox), and one Wednesday from Duracell highlighted that it was the brand’s final World Series ad. Buck and Smoltz had quite the reaction:

“For the final time this series, Duracell.” Smoltz then asked “How’d they know that’s the final time? Unbelievable.” Buck then said “A quick word from Duracell, and now the at-bat from Brian McCann…”

Whatever led to Smoltz’s amazement there, it made for an entertaining moment.

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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