The Major League Baseball season is long. You travel to a bunch of different cities, and you spend a lot more time with your teammates than your actual family.

Baseball games are pretty long too, and the action isn’t as constant as it is in other sports. This allows for plenty of down time, especially if you’re a pitcher. Well, San Francisco Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto gave us a pretty great example of things players might do when that down time is available.

He blew a huge bubble with his bubble gum, and it ended up all over his face.

We wouldn’t be a legitimate resource for your bubble blowing needs if we didn’t mention that Cueto is a regular with this, and pretty darn good at it too.

This was from back in May, when the Giants and Diamondbacks were playing again, but this time in Arizona:

Whenever Cueto’s arm goes, his value as a clubhouse entertainer will still surely be there. That’s worth an extended Bobby Bonilla type of contract.


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