Jon Jay is a utility outfielder for the Chicago Cubs, but with the Cubs losing 11-2 to the Brewers, he got to pitch the ninth inning so as not to waste another reliever.

Here is what he did that inning:

  • Topped out at 65 miles per hour, which is slower than some 12-year-old Little League players throw
  • Threw a pitch 46 miles per hour, which is slower than … some eight-year-olds?
  • Didn’t allow a run

As a non-pitcher, Jay’s throwing motion is pretty objectively terrible:

But who cares! It worked! Some Brewers players were so bewildered by the slow pitches that they couldn’t hit them.

Actual Cubs pitcher Brett Anderson had some fun with his teammate.

In somewhat related news, 11-2 ended up being the final score, pushing the World Champions a game under .500 through 85 games.

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