Jose Iglesias roundhouse kick

Plenty of baseball players would probably like to take their frustrations out on umpires, maybe even with a flying roundhouse kick or two to the face, but Detroit Tigers’ shortstop Jose Iglesias did so by accident Sunday. In a game against the Chicago White Sox with Chicago’s Yolmer Sanchez on first and none out in the top of the third, Sanchez tried to steal third on a 2-2 count. The pitch missed for ball three and catcher John Hicks fired down to second, but his throw was well wide, forcing Iglesias to stretch out for it and get hit by Sanchez’s slide, which sent Iglesias airborne and saw his foot collide with second-base umpire Mark Carlson in a roundhouse motion:

Fortunately, no one seems to have been badly hurt here. Iglesias’ foot did seem to make some pretty good contact with Carlson’s face, and Carlson then tripped over Iglesias’ other leg and went down, but he quickly popped back up, verified that Iglesias hung on to the ball, and called Sanchez out. Sanchez then helped Iglesias up, and Iglesias was able to stay in the game. This easily could have have been a pretty significant injury for either Iglesias or Carlson, but it luckily wasn’t. It did give us a very memorable highlight, though.

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