Jose Trevino

Remember “career day” at school, when police officers and firefighters and maybe a lawyer or dentist or farmer would visit to share their work experience?

Students in class with Jose Trevino’s son will never forget their career day this year. The New York Yankees All-Star catcher arrived in the classroom wearing his full catcher’s gear — mask, chest protector, shin guards, etc. He deserves extra credit for even wearing eye black.

Whoever coined a catcher’s protective gear the “tools of ignorance” would have been surprised to see their popular appearance in a learning institution.

The 29-year-old Trevino made his first All-Star appearance this season, hitting 11 home runs in 115 games. He also won a Gold Glove and the American League Platinum Glove, awarded to the best overall defensive player.

As baseball Twitter noted, Trevino’s presentation was undoubtedly a hard act to follow.

“Teacher: okay up next is Timmy’s dad who is an accountant with chase bank!!!!,” tweeted one fan.

“Jose’s commitment to the bit is incredible here. Full uniform, actively wearing the catchers mitt, smeared eye black. I’m glad he didn’t bring a PitchComm in there and corrupt the children,” tweeted someone else.

Trevino didn’t share his salary with the kids, but he’s scheduled to make $1.9 million next season, according to Spotrac. Bottom line, kids: It’s a very good career if you can make it.

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