Cleveland Indians third baseman Juan Uribe was carted off the field Sunday afternoon at Angel Stadium, after taking a Mike Trout rocket groundball in a horrible place to take a rocket groundball… especially if you’re not wearing a cup.

We don’t know if Uribe had a cup on, but if he did, it still didn’t get the job done.

Trout ripped a one-hop groundball that had an exit velocity of 106 mph according to Statcast, and it nailed Uribe right in the jewels. Uribe quickly went down to the ground in pain, before being carted off.

Here’s video:

It was later revealed that Uribe suffered a “testicular contusion”:


There’s no word yet on how long Uribe will be out, but you’d have to think the 37-year-old isn’t exactly in a hurry to jump back out there to play the hot corner anytime soon.

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