Justin Verlander held up signs in response to a heckler Saturday.

Hecklers going after professional athletes is a long-established tradition, as even the GEICO ads will tell you, but it’s always funny when the athletes turn the tables. With the Houston Astros on the road against the  Chicago White Sox Saturday, one fan at Guaranteed Rate Field decided to spend a bunch of time yelling “They suck” at the Astros in general and pitcher Justin Verlander in particular. (Maybe she was annoyed by Verlander being annoyed by runner Tim Anderson stealing a base after breaking up Verlander’s no-hitter Friday night?) And Verlander had quite the comeback:

Okay, that’s not the most original insult ever from either party here, but it’s still pretty funny to see a MLB pitcher respond this way. And making a sign for this is hilarious; just getting into a war of words with a fan might be seen as punching down, but the sign is impressive. Also, the Astros do not suck by most definitions of that word; they’re currently up 10-1 in the seventh. And they don’t suck at responses to hecklers either.

[Jacob Qualls on Twitter, via Will Moriarty]

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