Royals Rally Mantis

The Angels once had a Rally Monkey. The Cardinals had a Rally Squirrel. The defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals now have a Rally Mantis, which is definitely the creepiest of the rally mascots to date.

While it was casually mentioned earlier today in The Cheat Sheet, this required a little bit of an extra look.

How did the Rally Mantis come to be an honored guest in the Royals dugout? It goes back to August 6, when a praying mantis made itself at home on the cap of Billy Burns in the dugout. Since that point in time, the Royals have gone on a tear, winning 17 of 21 games. Most recently, against the Boston Red Sox, we became aware of the Rally Mantis, now inhabited in a container and carried around the dugout for all to receive good luck. Salvador Perez worshipped the Rally Mantis and thanked him for his services with a kiss to the travel living quarters after hitting a home run.

The Rally Mantis was smiling upon the Royals later in the game, when they scored eight runs in the sixth inning to secure another victory. It should be noted this is not the same praying mantis that sat atop Burns’ cap, which is why this one is dubbed Rally Mantis Jr.

“I think the only reason I’m taking care of him is I actually care about him not dying,” Burns said earlier this month. “So people are like, ‘You can take care of him.’ I spent one night researching, how to take care of him, so hopefully we can keep him alive.”

What happened to the original Rally Mantis? It’s possible it took a trip to the Windy City…

Call it a coincidence or call it fate, the Royals are taking the Rally Mantis with them in hopes of returning to the postseason and bringing another championship to Kansas City. Whatever it takes, right?

Yes, the Rally Mantis even has its own trading card now too, because why not?


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