The St. Louis Cardinals are hosting “Christian Day” once again this year, but one of their speaker choices has some in the LGBQT+ community questioning the decision.

Former Cardinals outfielder Lance Berkman will speak during the celebration. The same Lance Berkman who’s condemned equal rights for LGBT people in Houston and called out a law that allowed transgendered people to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity. Naturally, the St. Louis Pride Center doesn’t think Berkman is the model spokesman.

“Pride St. Louis is disappointed by the decision of the St. Louis Cardinals to provide a public platform for Berkman, an individual whose words and actions towards the LGBTQ+ are divisive and demeaning,” the St. Louis Pride Center said in a statement to Outsports. “We know that the Cardinals can do better, and we want to extend an offer to help them by co-organizing their official LGBT Pride Night at Busch Stadium. Let’s work together to promote love, diversity, and inclusion.”

In response, the Cardinals unveiled they’ll host a pride night this season.

Personally, I find it strange to see the Cardinals host a “Christian Day” celebration to begin with, but that’s well within their rights as an organization. Although, having Berkman as a speaker at the event certainly sends a message to LGBTQ+ people inside and outside of the Christian community.

It’s good to see the response lead to more inclusion for the LGBQT community, but, again, it’s a questionable decision to have Berkman be the voice at this particular event, whether or not he preaches anti-gay rhetoric that day.

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