LeBron James was one of the many people who went nuts on Tuesday when the Indians shutout the Tigers for their 20th straight win. The Indians returned to the ballpark on Wednesday to defeat the Tigers again, setting an expansion-era record with 21 consecutive victories. Once again, LeBron responded with a congratulatory message:

James sent his congratulations to arguably the hottest team in baseball history — now dubbed The Cleveland WINdians — and facetiously challenged them to stretch their winning to 40. He added that going on this streak one year after a heartbreaking World Series defeat to the Cubs makes it all the more impressive:

“There’s no way I could let another day go by without shouting out the home team Cleveland Indians. 21-game winning streak. What ya’ll doing right now, keep it going. I was about to say it’s incredible, but I want to come back and do another video when ya’ll got a 40-game winning streak. 

“No pressure, no pressure, I get it. I’ve had my own 27-game winning streak in the NBA before. It’s a lot of pressure winning every night, man, but what ya’ll doing is inspiring to you, showing the rest of the MLB what it’s all about to come back after a devastating loss in the championship rounds, so big shoutout for ya’ll to come back the way ya’ll playing right now from what happened in the World Series, so commendable.

“Keep it going. Cleveland pride, The Land, the Cleveland Windians is what ya’ll name gonna be soon. I might wanna trademark that so I can sell a couple T-shirts or something, put Francisco Lindor’s name on it. ‘Hey CISCO! I need one of those jerseys ASAP.’ But for real, congratulations. Ya’ll keep going, and I’ll be to the ballpark to see ya’ll soon.”

The Indians have just 16 games remaining in the regular season, so hypothetical win number 40 would come in the clinching game of an ALDS sweep. They have to lose at some point before then, though, right?


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