When Cleveland acquired Leonys Martin from the Tigers on the July 31st trade deadline, they were getting one of the hottest players in baseball.

Martin had racked up 2.8 fWAR in the first half for Detroit, and seemed like the perfect candidate to help bolster Cleveland’s hopes in the playoffs. The downside was obvious, or so we thought; Martin could regress a bit, and fail to match his first-half impact down the stretch. Sadly, something much worse happened, as Martin ended up contracting a bacterial infection and grew so ill his life was in danger.

Now, thankfully, Martin has been released from the Cleveland Clinic, obviously an important sign his recovery is going well.

Via the AP:

The plan was for Martin to leave the hospital later Sunday, team president Chris Antonetti said.

“To think about the progress he’s made over the past week, it’s been nothing short of amazing,” Antonetti said. “It’s beyond a relief, especially given where things were a week ago.”

Martin, 30, became ill following a game on Aug. 7. Doctors determined he had a bacterial infection that entered his bloodstream and created toxins that damaged his internal organs, compromising their function.

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