You probably thought nothing could beat watching senior citizens celebrate a lifetime dream of watching their beloved Chicago Cubs win the World Series. And you’re probably right, but watching a dog go crazy while watching Game 7 of the World Series is pretty awesome as well.

Meet George, a fun-loving golden retriever who simply has a love for baseball that is nearly unrivaled among his kind. George was hopping for joy watching the Cubs in Game 7 of the World Series. Just look at this happy dog jumping up and down as the Cubs were seemingly inching closer and closer to that long-awaited World Series:

The joy just was too much to contain, so we can give him a slight pass for not realizing Cleveland’s Rajai Davis put those wild dreams on hold with this game-tying homer in the eighth inning. But, the Cubs of course went on to win the game, “so all is good” as George’s owner wrote on YouTube:

My golden retriever is doing what he loves most, watching sports. Here he is cheering on Cubs as they nearly blow the game. They came back and won so all is good.

This is simply too much cuteness overload. It turns out, however, that George may just be the Drake of the canine world, because he appears to get just as excited about any sporting event going on at the moment on his master’s television.

Like the U.S. Open last year…

… or the World Cup the year before…

Maybe there is something about the ball being used. After all, George clearly loves having a ball, as you can see with the tennis ball he regularly hops around with in his mouth. Or maybe George just want to get in the action, and this is his best way of simulating the experience.


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