It happens every year during the Little League World Series, and it never gets old. In a moment that leaves one kid sobbing, the victors are often there to lend a shoulder to cry on. On Monday night in Williamsport, that show of good sportsmanship that warms the heart was on display following Venezuela’s walk-off win against the Dominican Republic.

The pitcher, for good reason, was hit hard with emotion after giving up a walkoff hit to Venezuela. And who was there to console him immediately? Coaches from Venezuela, and soon, players from Venezuela’s team.

You just don’t get that at the professional level. Imagine if Paul Molitor headed to the mound to console Mitch Williams after Joe Carter’s World Series-winninghome run in 1993. This is why the Little League World Series is great.

And if that isn’t enough for you, then take these fans cheering on Mexico. Seeing only one kid on the Dominican Republic’s team had parents in the stands at the Little League World Series, the parents and fans of Mexico joined the bandwagon to show support for the kids representing the Dominican Republic.

One of the biggest criticisms the Little League World Series annually receives is the coverage that puts a camera on a kid crying. It is a part of the story showing the raw emotion of the Little League World Series, even if a tad cringe-worthy having to watch a kid cry on TV. Fortunately, the cameras will sometimes capture moments like this and if that doesn’t warm your heart then you may be a real life sports Grinch.

Venezuela will face Mexico in an elimination game to keep their title hopes going.


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