There’s a decent case to be made that the Little League World Series shouldn’t be on television, but that’s not the fault of the kids playing in it, and it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t admire some of the highlights that the competition brings every summer.

And that definitely includes this, from today’s Georgia-South Carolina regional contest. The young man in question, Jayce Blalock, gets hype man treatment from the broadcasters as he awaits the pitch. Blalock doesn’t disappoint, either:

Oh, and the bases were loaded, too. Good heavens what a mash.

Two great things about that you may have missed: the runner on his way to third with the arm raised immediately, and then the opposing third baseman dapping Blalock on the way by. That’s awesome.

That blast essentially sealed South Carolina’s fate, as the Georgia kids from Peachtree City (southwest of Atlanta) stayed alive in the Little League World Series tournament. The odds against them are long, though, as they’re already in the losing bracket, but hey, with a weapon like Blalock’s boomstick you can’t count them out.

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