Man Steals Baseball

While a baseball ball is technically free for any fan to grab and take home once it enters the stands at a Major League Baseball game, one unwritten rule is that children take priority when it comes to getting a souvenir ball. But apparently, one man at a recent Washington Nationals game didn’t quite get the memo.

At one point during the Nationals’ 7-3 loss to the New York Mets, Washington right fielder Joey Meneses identified what appears to be a young girls’ softball team sitting along the first-base line. Palacios looked at the group and intentionally threw a baseball to a girl wearing a baseball mitt. Unfortunately, the ball never got to her.

Just as the girl is about to make the catch, a grown man – also with a baseball glove – walks over, sticks his arm in front of hers, snags the ball for himself, and then swiftly walks away.

The group of girls immediately expressed their disappointment before the video got cut short.

Naturally, the MLB world did not react kindly to a grown man stealing a souvenir baseball from a little girl as plenty of people took to Twitter to blast the man.

However, it looks like this story could have a happy ending, after all as the Nationals did reach out to the girl’s mother on Twitter.

Still, somebody needs to teach the man not to steal things from little girls – a lesson that should probably just come naturally to most people.

[Gina Hilliard]