Marcus Semien

While baseball is America’s past-time and is beloved by many fans, the reality is that it is a pretty slow-moving sport and it’s easy to get distracted while watching – or even playing. Texas Rangers second baseman Marcus Semien found that out the hard way on Tuesday night.

During Tuesday night’s game against the Oakland Athletics, Semien was sitting in the dugout with the rest of his team as the broadcast crew talked about him on the air. Rather embarrassingly, however, Semien did not realize that he was on deck and had to rush to the plate while furiously putting his batting gloves and helmet on.

Unfortunately for Semien, the cameras caught the whole thing.

While it wasn’t an ideal situation for Semien, it didn’t seem to affect his hitting approach all that much. During the at-bat, Semien hit a double to the left-center field gap. He would later come around to score in the inning.

Regardless of how the at-bat turned out, it was a funny scenario and the Major League Baseball world had plenty to say about it.

On the day, Semien went 3-for-5 with three doubles. He also accounted for three of the team’s 11 runs in the 11-10 win over the Athletics.

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