A bet between a Marlins fan and star, Jazz Chisholm culminated in an awesome moment on Friday before the team's game.

On Friday, April 7, the Miami Marlins were on the wrong end of a 9-3 final score against the New York Mets. That led to a bet between Jazz Chisholm and one of the team’s fans, which culminated in an awesome moment between fan and team on Friday night.

The aforementioned April 7 loss moved the Marlins to 3-5 on the season. And while that’s not a catastrophic start, Chisholm was noticing a lot of panic on Twitter. He implored the fans to not panic until Game No. 30.

Chisholm later said that if the team was 9-21 after 30 games, it was OK to panic. But he also asked, “What if it’s 16-14?” At that point, another fan, Travis Reilly, said “I’ll shave my head for 16-14.”

Fast forward to the end of the month, the Marlins defeated the Chicago Cubs in their 29th game of the season on April 30. The win put the Marlins at 16-13, guaranteeing no worse than a 16-14 start.

Reilly was a man of his word. On April 30, he tweeted, “Welp, @j_chisholm3 was right, and a deal is a deal.” He included four photos in that message. One was of the exchange with Chisholm, another was of the final score on April 30. The other two were of Reilly, one with a full head of hair, the other after he shaved it.

When Reilly tweeted about his shaved head, the Marlins responded, telling him to “Check your DM.” And while we don’t know what the message said, Reilly’s tweet on Friday gives us a guess.

Reilly tweeted photos of himself and his family on the field prior to Friday’s game in Anaheim between the Marlins and Los Angeles Angels.

The Marlins graciously responded to that, as well.

All’s well that ends well.

[Travis Reilly on Twitter]

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