Derek Jeter’s time in charge of the Marlins has gotten off to, well, a shaky start. Having traded two of the team’s best players for what amounted to salary relief in return, Jeter has already begun to incur the wrath of Marlins fans.

Those fans do exist, and some of the season-ticket holders were invited to a town hall meeting with Jeter on Tuesday night at Marlins Park. Notably not invited at first? Marlins Man, and he wasn’t happy about it. The team ended up inviting Marlins Man, and if there’s one thing Marlins Man does, it’s show up to baseball stadiums.

Perhaps predictably, the meeting has devolved into chaos, as Jeter’s evasive answers are running up against a group of people who have paid real, actual money for Miami Marlins season tickets.

A choice selection of moments, for which we unfortunately do not have video:

But then the main event arrived:

And it went just about like you’d expect:

Oh, if only video had been allowed.

Buried within the admittedly entertaining idea of Derek Jeter being forced to spend a few minutes listening to an angry rant from Marlins Man, there was this bit:

That seems like a very racially reductive way of viewing the Latin element of your fanbase! But don’t just take it from me, take it from Will Manso, who is much more qualified in just about every way to discuss why this is a bad way to market a baseball team:

Jeter was speaking off the cuff, of course, so it’s possible he’ll end up clarifying his position, but that’s a pretty weird misunderstanding of, well, how the world works, and is probably more fodder for those looking for early cracks in the new Marlins regime.

Want another one?

The “more importantly” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there, but not quite enough to make up for the fact that “losing money” was the first thing Jeter mentioned. This is such a farce so far.

But for Jeter, the fun is only beginning:

(h/t Will Manso)

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