Matt Harvey's slash line

The internet loves its 69-nice memes, and boy, did New York Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey provide one Wednesday. With the New York Mets facing the Chicago Cubs, Harvey came up to bat in the top of the fourth against Jon Lester, having previously gone out on a sacrifice bunt in the second inning. Sacrifice bunts don’t count against either batting average (by at-bats), slugging percentage (by at-bats) or on-base percentage (it includes sacrifice flies, but not sacrifice bunts). That left Harvey’s slash line (batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage) at a perfect .069/.069/.069:

That may be a very #nice slash line, but it’s not great for a hitter. Fortunately, Harvey’s value comes from his pitching, as he promptly proved by grounding out to third baseman Kris Bryant for the third out. And that should be his 30th at-bat, moving his percentages to .066/.066/.066. That’s rather more satanic (it’s not quite there, but close) than nice, but that summarizes the year for Harvey (previously seen allegedly being drunk at 4 a.m. over Adriana Lima being seen with Julian Edelman) and the Mets (where to even start?).

Oh, and while Harvey left in the fourth with no runs allowed (sadly, meaning we didn’t get to see the .066/.066/.066 slash line on the Wrigley Field scoreboard), he left with the bases loaded. The Cubs promptly scored three runs to take a 3-2 lead. They’re currently up 10-5 in the eighth. Now that’s not so nice.

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