It’s still early in the MLB season but there’s a good chance the World Series will have to go through New York City. Whether or not that means it goes through The Bronx and/or Queens remains to be seen but the Yankees and the Mets have been top notch so far.

In fact, they have been doing so well that the two teams have accomplished something that they have never done together. With the Yankees’ win on Monday, both the Yankees (20-8) and Mets (20-10) have reached 20 wins before any other team.

While it’s a great achievement, they weren’t the only city with two who have performed well. The Los Angeles teams of the Dodgers and Angels have seen both teams leading their respective divisions, as well as the Dodgers having a better winning percentage than the Mets. It’s just that the Dodgers and Angels only have 19 wins.

It’s a long season and there’s it’s very likely there will be some peaks and valleys but for now, the Mets and Yankees are having an awesome start and they’ll take it any way they can.


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