While the series pitting the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers against each other is about as big a series as Major League Baseball can offer in the first week of June, a lot of the drama and intrigue is coming before the first pitch.

Before Thursday’s game, it was revealed that New York shortstop Francisco Lindor had injured himself shutting his hotel room door on his right middle finger. If that doesn’t feel like an “only the Mets” story, we have another one.

New York is displeased with the working conditions at Dodger Stadium — specifically in the video room. Now, the Mets certainly have experience in the Dodger Stadium video room. It is the third-oldest park in all of baseball, after all. So, what’s the problem this time? The smell.

Baseball fans had plenty to say on this complaint. A primary issue raised was, how could the Mets be so sure of what animal’s urine they were smelling?

Mike Puma of the New York Post, who reported the story, had a theory on that.

Other people had similar ideas.

Of course, the previous team to visit Dodger stadium got dragged into the argument, as well.

Thursday’s game is the first of a four-game series. So, for the sake of the Mets, we have to hope that the foul smell is a short-term issue. If it’s not, the Dodgers will be in New York from August 30 through September 1. We can only imagine what kind of revenge smell the Mets would have cooked up for that series.

[Mike Puma]

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