Millennials, ruiners of all things, are back on their (perceived) bullshit.

Attracting younger fans should be something of a priority for baseball teams. The sport has the oldest demographic base of the four major U.S. sports and needs all the help it can get to offset its long required time commitment, long regular season, long breaks in between pitches, and general long-ness.  The last thing it probably should be doing is annoying those under the age of 35.

But, of course, some of us just can’t help ourselves when it comes to millennials. The Montgomery Biscuits, the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, decided to hold a Millennial Night promotion during an upcoming game. All of the classic hits were included. Participation ribbons. A place to take a nap. Selfie stations. A large supply of avocados. Everything short of a college loan debt forgiveness raffle was on the ticket.

To get semi-serious for a second, millennials are pretty much tired of all this bullshit, mostly because the things they’re often blamed for “ruining” or “destroying” were outdated notions of happiness that the baby boomer generation valued but they don’t, which is actually just fine (sorry, Applebee’s). Not to mention the state of the world that baby boomers have left for millennials to clean up, and you can kinda understand why they’re officially done with the whole millennial ridicule thing (Also, do older people think millennials are all 21-years-old? Plenty of them have kids of their own who are already bored of baseball.).

So, as you might imagine, the reaction to Millennial Night has not exactly been endearing. And if the plan was to actually get those people to show up and pay money for the game, then it may have backfired (unless the plan was simply to get publicity, in which case, it worked brilliantly).

And one person made a pretty good point about those darn millennials and their work ethic…

The Biscuits seem to be holding strong on the promotion, or at least the ideology behind it. Perhaps they’ve made the point they were trying to make, that millennials are too “entitled” to attend a minor league baseball game. If that’s the case, however, that doesn’t bode well for the team’s long-term prospects.

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  1. WHO F’ING cares. people we are WAY to offended. relax. it was a joke grow up.

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