Four Winds Field during the South Bend Cubs vs. Peoria Chiefs minor league baseball game Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at Four Winds Field. South Bend Cubs Beat Out Peoria Chiefs

A lawsuit filed by Minor League Baseball players against Major League Baseball has been settled.

Jeff Passan of ESPN reported on Friday that Major League Baseball has agreed to a $185 million settlement for several minimum wage violations that triggered the lawsuit.

This news sparks positive reactions from several different baseball fans.

For the most part, the reaction was positive. But there were some more cynical responses to Friday’s news — and for good reason.

Many baseball fans were happy with the news but also hoping for a bigger number. Others were still skeptical that this settlement will ultimately fix the issue going forward.

Passan later reported that Minor League players “will receive more than $120 million of the $185 million settlement. He also noted that while the total number of players receiving money is unclear, that thousands are eligible. So, if it’s 1,000 people splitting $120 million evenly, that’s $120,000 per player. Chances are, it’s probably more.

Furthermore, this doesn’t necessarily do anything to fix the greater issue going forward. With that in mind, it’s not overly pessimistic to wonder if a similar lawsuit may emerge in the coming years.

With all of that said, this is a good step in the right direction. And if the issue does persist going forward, at least future Minor Leaguers will have this precedent to take action on.

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